Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Fun!

We had some fun over the weekend and went to Kennewick to spend some time with Dave's family. Randee graduated from CBC (and will be going to the University of Washington in the fall!!) so we had a celebration dinner for her Friday afternoon at Dave's parents house. It is starting to really feel like summer and the kids wasted no time getting there swimsuits on and playing in the water.

That evening we stayed the night at Dave's parents and Camryn stayed with us, I took Colt, Cam and Jax and we walked to Yoplicity for some frozen yogurt. It was pretty entertaining walking with them, I had the double jogger so two kids would ride and one would walk and then we switched off about every quarter mile. It's probably a mile or 1.5 mile walk and the kids did awesome. On the way home Jax told me that he had to pee but only wanted to pee at Memah's house so I made Camryn sit in front of Colt's feet and started running home (in flip flops). Camryn was hilarious yelling "she's running, she's running" and then tried to convince me to just let go of the stroller on a downhill so they could go even faster. Yes the girl is crazy, way more of a risk taker than any of my boys.
The next morning we had a early Father's day breakfast at Dave's parents then all the guys went golfing and the girls and kids went over to Kenzie and Andy's to swim in their pool. It was 90 degrees and perfect swimming weather. The kids swam hard all day long and then we had a nice bbq when the guys all got back from golfing. Colt and Cam were in the pool until about 5:00 that night, he fell asleep about 2 minutes after we left their house around 6:00.
Jax and his pirate face.
Cutie Calvin.
Mommy and Case.
He LOVED the water and kept throwing a fit when I took him out. The water was fairly cold too but felt good with the heat. He kept putting his face in the water and coming back up and smiling at me.
Hottie Aunt Dee Dee and Jax. 
Jax loves her!
We put the pack-n-play out by the pool and I put Case in it for part of the time we were swimming. I tried to just hold him but he kept wanting down and then trying to crawl into the pool head first. Surprisingly, he was pretty happy in here and had fun watching everyone swim.

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