Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Colt!

My oldest little boy turned 5 today, it is still hard for me to put into words what a difference this guy has made in our lives. I can't believe that just 5 years ago I became a mom for the first time, every birthday my boys have I always think back to the day they were born and the memory of their birth.
 Each child has their own birth story and each of their stories are very different. Colt's story is special to me because he was my first, I had nothing to compare it to and in my mind it was perfect! These last 5 years have seemed to fly by but I can still remember meeting him for the first time, his huge blue eyes looking up at me and falling instantly in love.
 Colt started off the morning at 5:50 in our room asking if he could go downstairs yet. I had him crawl in bed with me until Jax came in at 6:30 and we finally went downstairs. Both the boys were so excited!
 They immediately wanted to open presents, even though Jax already had a birthday Colt was so nice to let Jax open his gifts as well.
 Colt got a few fun toys that he has been wanting as well as a huge bag full of clothes from his Aunt Marni.
 Hulk gloves.  Jax REALLY loved these, we should have gotten  him a pair for his birthday.
 Jax got a Thor hammer for his birthday and when Colt saw it he asked for one as well and we got him that for his birthday. Maybe now they will stop fighting over it! Jax also picked out the Avenger sunglasses for Colt and a pair for himself.

For being a boy he really likes to try on clothes. He immediately started going through the clothes Marni got him and trying them on.
After presents we had bread dough pudding and peaches for breakfast. Dave left for work and Colt was begging me to take him to the movie Brave (Papa and DiDi gave him a movie gift card for his birthday).
 Colt called DiDi and asked if she would watch Case so we could go to the movie. The boys are so fun to take to the movie. They love to eat popcorn and sit on my lap. I love it!
 Later that evening we had a small family birthday dinner for him. My parents and Dave's parents came as well as Randee. We had pizza and fruit and sat outside enjoying the nice weather. The boys played with their new water guns, opened presents and had fun!
 Colt and his birthday box that my mom made him. Each boy got a birthday box for their birthday's this year. It was such a hit because she would decorate it with baby pictures of them, after Colt saw both Jax and Case's box he couldn't wait to get one of his own.
 Poppee and Case.
 My boys eating dinner.
 Colt wanted a DQ oreo blizzard cake this year.
 He always gets embarrassed when people sing to him. I love his facial expression.
 He let Jax help him pull the candles out (both boys insisted they wear their swim outfits that Aunt Amy got them because they were playing with the water guns).

 After all the fun Colt wanted to shoot arrows so everyone pulled their chairs out on the lawn and Colt, Jax and Dave got out the targets and started shooting. This is easily one of Colt's very favorite activities, I think he asks almost every night.

 He is a pretty good shot too!
 Case walked around, played on the teetor-totter and was a good sport. He is getting so much better about going to other people now.
 Colt on his new bike. Next up, he needs to learn to ride with no training wheels!
 Poppee and Jax on Daddy's bike.
 Happy Birthday Colt!!!
What a fun day, he was so tired by the end of the day he was begging me to put him to bed. Love you Colters, please let this year go slow. I want you to be 5 forever!!


Tabaitha said...

Happy Birthday Colt! It is crazy how much he looks like Mason. They had the same coloring and build. Hope he has a fun birthday. We will be celebrating Mason's July 10th.

posted by the Bogdanoff family said...

Love these pictures! I can't believe you have a five year old. WOW. He is getting too big. Your boys are just adorable. It looks like you had a fun party; lots of smiles all around!