Friday, June 15, 2012

Colt Soccer Camp

Colt had told me that he wanted to play soccer in the fall but I wanted to make sure he would like it before I signed him up. The YMCA had a summer soccer camp from 9-10 all this past week and Colt had so much fun, I went ahead and signed him up for next fall. The first day he was not really sure what to expect and I had to talk to him afterwards about making sure he was always working hard, hustling and not walking during drills. After the first day though he really got into it and was running all over the field, it was fun to see him out there running around with his "friends" and having fun. They had the camp at Sharpstein Elementary which was perfect for me because they have an awesome playground.  Jax and Case had fun playing on the toys while Colt was practicing which made the time go by very fast.

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