Friday, June 22, 2012


Dave took Colt fishing for the past couple days so I decided to make it a little staycation for the three of us. I planned some fun activities for the boys and tried to spend some extra quality time with Jax when Case was napping. We had fun and the kids were great, Jax has been wanting to see Madagascar 3 so I got a babysitter for Case and took him to a matinee Tuesday afternoon. He wanted popcorn and rootbeer (I brought a small cup of rootbeer from home, no way did I want to spend $5 for a soda that he would hardly drink) and we got popcorn at the theater. He ate the entire small popcorn by himself, he is so much like his dad! We spent some time outside playing on the slip-n-slide and enjoying the nice weather (it is so hot here right now and our air conditioner has not been working), went to the library for storytime, walked around downtown and had a coffee and treat at Starbucks, went out to my parents and watered  the flowers and fed their cat (they have been out of town for the last 2 weeks), I swam laps at the Y Wednesday night and they went and played in kids care (both of them really like playing at the Y), went to DQ for a blizzard, lots of walks and a nice long run one morning, a couple trips to the park and played lots of games around the house. Jax ended up sleeping with me every night, he is such a fun little kiddo!
 Enjoying a scone at Starbucks after library story-time.
 Feeding Papa and DiDi's kitty.
 Enjoying the water outside.

 Cookie dough blizzard time.
 Sharing with his little brother.

Playing outside before bedtime. 
It was such a fun couple of days, I basically took time off from housework and outside distractions and just spent time with my boys. It was a nice break from the daily chores/schedule that we normally have around here. Dave and Colt are having a great time fishing, I will post some pictures of their trip when they get back today.


The Keatts Family said...

So fun! My kids love the Petite Vanilla Bean "baby scones" as they refer to them as from Starbuck's. Looks like you guys had some great time together!

posted by the Bogdanoff family said...

Wow! SUPER MOM!! I love all the pictures. You fit in a lot of fun things with your boys. One of these summers we will have to plan a trip to see you. Our boys will have so much fun playing together!