Friday, September 17, 2010

Memah's Birthday Party

Memah's birthday was today and we were going to her birthday party at Kenzie and Andy's house after Dave got off work. I made the birthday cake and a pasta salad. Both the boys wanted to "help" me make the cake.
All they wanted to do was eat the frosting. I had to keep telling Colt that he couldn't eat it until I was done frosting the cake!
While I was finishing the cake, Colt wanted to make Memah a birthday card. He was very excited about this and took a lot of pride in making it himself.
He found some gardening stickers and wanted to use those (which is funny because Julie loves gardening).
While I baked and Colt made his card, Jax had a few snacks so he wouldn't be in our way.
Lemon Blueberry cake with white-chocolate frosting. Yummy!
Apparently when you become a grandma its more fun to give gifts to your grandkids on your birthday than receive them. All the grandkids got gifts, Colt and Cam both got a microphone (you can imagine how loud that got!).
After a great dinner (Kenzie made it!) of bbq chicken, corn on the cob, salads and homemade guacamole and salsa it was cake time! I love how this picture turned out, Memah and her oldest grandkids.
We had to blow out the candles twice because Colt blew them out the first time before we even sang.
We had fun as always, it was nice to get together with all of Dave's family (we missed Trav and Katie) and relax, visit and enjoy good food.
Towards the end of the night the guys were all playing Madden on the XBOX so Cam and Colt watched "The Lion King" all cuddled up together. For the most part these two get along well, they always have a couple fights or breakdowns but they love to play together!
Happy Birthday Memah!

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The Price Family said...

Great post! Julie if you are reading this, just wanted to let you know you look GREAT! Happy Birthday!