Thursday, November 25, 2010

Best Thanksgiving Ever!

 This year was one of both Dave and I's favorite Thanksgivings ever. We spent it with Dave's family at his mom and dad's new house. The food was amazing, company was wonderful and it was more relaxing than I have done in a really long time. We had planned on staying until Friday but they finally had to kick us out on Sunday!
 The Pemberton's have a tradition of dancing the turkey every year. This is the first year I think Colt really understood what was going on. He was laughing watching Memah and Poppi dance to the Macarena.

Dave and Jax laughing about the dancing turkey.
Dave playing with Camryn while Colt and Jax napped. She could hardly wait for Colt to wake up.
Yes that is my dad in this picture. My parents had planned on going to Sun River for Thanksgiving with all of my mom's sisters and families but the weather was so bad with all the snow that they ended up not going. Julie invited them over for Thanksgiving dinner which was fun.
  Taylor had a remote control helicoptor that they were playing with most of the day, Jax would follow him around watching the hel
  Randee and the youngest grandchild (for now) Cal.
Dave carved the turkey.
 The mom's finishing up the final touches on dinner.
   Randee, my mom and dad, Mike, Mike's brother Tim and his wife Cindy.
Love this picture!

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mires said...

I think you guys need to put Memah and Poppy on youtube dancing the looks hilarious!!