Monday, March 5, 2012

My baby.... 9 months old!
Case is a crawling, climbing, bucking, jumping, grabbing, hitting, standing, squealing, smiling and happy little guy. He is still not sleeping through the night but is very close, we have had a few nights of letting him cry it out and now when he does wake he has been going back to sleep on his own much quicker. Last night I put him down at 7 and didn't feed him again until 4 (which is great because I get up at 4:30 anyway so I have to feed him before I leave every day). He still is Mr. Gummy meaning he has no teeth, I don't even see any poking through but he has been chewing on things like crazy lately so hopefully soon. It would be nice if he could get some teeth and start eating a little more people food.
He is my little running buddy on the weekends, he is much like the older boys in that he loves to be in the stroller and as long as I am moving he can be happy in there for a long time. Plus, he is much lighter than the older boys so pushing him is not too much work yet.
9 month stats :
Height : 29 inches (75%)
Weight : 18lbs (10%)


Erin said...

Case is so handsome! He looks like a very happy boy!

Tabaitha said...

He is so cute and looks like the happiest little guy! Gummy smiles are the best! It was always excited when my kids got their first tooth or teeth since they always came two at a time in our house, but it also meant they were losing part of their babyhood.

posted by the Bogdanoff family said...

He looks like such a tiny guy! He is such a cutie. I can't believe your baby is already 9 months old. I am sure you are soaking up all his kisses! Can't wait for spring and Spring Break! It will be nice to play outside with the boys a little more. Take care.