Friday, November 23, 2012

Case : 18 months

 This little guy in now a year and a half old. He keeps us so busy and constantly on our toes. He loves to run, explore and say no. He knows what he wants and he screams if he is not getting it. He is outgoing, loveable and very independent. He is also a talker, loves to tell knock-knock jokes and follows me around the house while I am cleaning saying "hand, hand" until I hold his hand. He is still pretty good about naps and going to bed and does not fight us on that most nights. The time is coming where we will have to move him to a big boy bed but right now I am content with keeping him in the crib. He sleeps about 7-6:30 with a 1-2.5 hour nap in the afternoon.  He loves to eat and is not too picky but his favorites are banana, bagel, milk, apple, grapes, yogurt, cheese and yellos (fruit snacks - Colt has called fruit snacks yellows since he could take because the first fruit snack he ever had was yellow and that was much easier to say than fruit snack. It has stuck and all the boys still call them yellos on occasion). He loves to do exactly what his brothers are doing; coloring, riding bikes, swinging, going down the big slides, feeding the dogs, taking showers, wrestling with daddy and lots more. He gives knuckles, high fives, shakes hands and is really starting to like to read some books. He is getting big so fast and I am trying to hold on to these memories because I feel like I am already forgetting what he was like as a baby.
18 month stats:
Height: 32.5 inches (50%)
Weight : 24lbs (50%)
 Always climbing on the table even though it is not allowed!
 Stole brother's apple. Yum!
Aunt Kenzie gave him his first haircut.

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