Sunday, August 3, 2014

Brownlee Reservoir weekend

Dave and I celebrated our 11 year wedding anniversay August 2nd and figured there was no better place to spend it that at one of our favorite spots Brownlee Reservoir.  There is truly something so amazing and peaceful about this place. We love it, our kids love it, my dad grew up coming here, I grew up coming here and my older sister and her late husband ended up buying the cabin 15 years ago. Its a small place and very rustic, we never sleep well but we spend our days swimming, fishing and just enjoying the outdoors.
After Dave gave me the best anniversary gift (11 workout items for 11 years of marriage, he knows me so well) I took Sam and went for a quick run. On this morning I was alone but I have lots of memories of running down here with my sisters and nieces.
The rest of the day was spent napping (if your a baby), relaxing, swimming and of course LOTS of fishing.
We met Dave's cousin Tim and his wife Karen and their kids down there so the boys had fun playing with Addie and Harry. Colt and Harry are only 2 weeks apart and those two are the best of friends when they get together.
Dave and Tim getting ready to catch some fish.

We always leave the cabin dirty and exhausted but can't wait to come back.  It truly is one of our favorite places and I hope we can continue to make memories with the kids as they get older.

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