Saturday, October 4, 2014

While we were away....

 .....someone broke an arm!
 The day we left for Mexico Jax was crawling down from the trampoline, lost his balance and fell hard on his arm. Memah stayed with them by herself the entire time we were gone and she had her work cut out for her. She spent a lot of time dragging all 4 kids to different doctors to get Jax's arm x-rayed, then a sling put on and finally a cast. He broke his ulna on his left arm but he seems to be doing great!
 Memah and Colbi waiting in another doctor's office.
 Jax's final cast. He chose red for Spiderman.
 Colt also had 2 soccer games and 1 soccer practice while we were gone, so once again when Memah was not in a doctor office she was taking all 4 kids to the soccer fields.

These kids had the best time with Memah and are still talking about the fun things they would do with her. My favorite was when I was making popcorn for them the other night and they told me that when Memah makes them popcorn she puts "special treats" in their popcorn like m&m's and candy corn. I have the absolute best mother-in-law, she treats me like one of her own daughters and loves my kids like her own.

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