Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas!!!

 We went to church on Christmas Eve and then went over to Papa and Di Di's for soup and snacks. Marni and Chris were driving from Boise and didn't get in until late so we did not get to see them until the next morning.

 The boys were up before 6 the next morning and so excited to open up their stockings.
 We had a nice early Christmas morning at our house and the kids opened their stockings and presents from us. They were all so excited for each other and we slowly opened gifts and relaxed. Jax spends most his days in pajamas so he was very excited about his 3 new pairs of pajamas he got this year.
 Colbi did not get any gifts from us but she was happy with the boys toys and wrapping paper.

 We had decorated  Christmas trees out of ice cream cones with friends a couple days before Christmas and left them out for Santa and his reindeer. Each boy got a note from Santa's crew and Jax was thrilled to see that Santa had fed all his Christmas tree to the reindeer.
 Later on that morning we went over to Papa and DiDi's and had breakfast, opened more gifts and spent the day relaxing, playing games, watching movies and spending time together.

 Playing Candyland in front of the fire.

 Marni got Colbi her first purse and I am amazed at how much she loves it.She constantly sits down on the couch with it going through it and talking on her cell phone, putting on her lipstick and asking me to open her wallet. It is pretty funny!
 Aunt Marni did her best to try and win Colbi over while she was here. The kids sure love having her around. Unfortunately we were hit with a bit of the stomach flu (Dave, Jax and Case) so that meant a little more time at our house and less time with Marni and Chris but we made the most out of the time we had. We also had an adult dinner out one night (minus Dave who was home sick) at the Marcus Whitman and did a pizza/game night at my parents the night before Marni and Chris had to go home. It was a very fun Christmas and I sure wish it was not over!

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