Friday, April 24, 2015

Jax: Disneyland April 2015

Poppee and Memah took Jax and his cousin Calvin to Disneyland for their birthday's this year.  Jax has been talking about Disneyland pretty much since Colt got back from Disney 3 years ago and he was so excited that it was finally his turn.
Finally the day is here!! We had a countdown chart the last couple weeks and he had fun  marking off the days.
Early flight out of Pasco!
Then they ended up getting delayed and missing their connection once they got to Seattle.
 Eating in the airport.
 They both ended up falling asleep on the flight into California.
But finally they made it and had the BEST time (even if this picture says differently).

Such fun grandparents!

Home!! Jax said his favorite ride was the Haunted Mansion.

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