Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Where have we been??

I wish I could say that we have been spending the last two weeks in Hawaii or Australia!!However, the truth is that we have been at home and we have been sooo busy! I spent the last two weeks working in Dave's office. The summer is such a busy time for them and one of his staff members was on vacation so I went in and did my best not to mess anything up:) Colt spent the time with my mom for a couple days but then she had a class she was taking for school so I had one of my former volleyball players come over and watch him. He loves her so it always works out well! Dave and I are both looking forward to a vacation very soon!!
Colt seems to be growing so fast in the past 3 weeks. He has become a master at signing now, he sure would know a lot more though if his mom and dad knew more signs. I am going to the library tomorrow to check out a book on baby signing. He picks it up so fast now, this morning I gave him a banana and did the sign for it, by the time breakfast was over he could sign banana and he would continue to sign it whenever I asked him to throughout the day. It amazes me how kids pick up on these things so quickly. I was not too excited about teaching it to him but my sister-in-law Kenzie convinced me that I should do it. Colt's cousin Camryn has gotten very good at signing so I gave it a shot. It took about 2 weeks for him to figure it out but once he figured it out there is no stopping what he can learn. He now knows the signs for: more, dog (which is funny because dog was one of his first words so now he will say it and then sign it!), milk, baby, banana, please (this one is my favorite!!) and done (which he also can say but signs as well.). Tomorrow I am going to work on cracker, I really need to learn the signs for more animals because Colt has recently really been interested in being read to. He will bring me his books and then sit on my lap and then I give him a shortened version of what the story actually says. If I spend too much time reading he tries to turn the page on me:) His favorite books are the animal books, he loves to point at all the animals. He has become pretty steady on his feet and prefers walking as his main way of getting around. He loves to give kisses and recently has figured out that when we leave he should blow us a kiss good-bye. Dave was leaving tonight to go and finish a tile job and he said bye to Colt and Colt puts his hand to his mouth and makes a kissing sound with his lips. Well, along with all the wonderful things Colt is doing there have also been some not so wonderful times:) He has started to throw little fits when he does not get something he wants, which can be embarrasing when we are really trying early on not to give in to what he wants so he will eventually learn that he can not act that way. For now though he continues to throw a fit until he cries himself to nothing and then comes over and gives us a hug. I think the terrible 2's have started early!! Remember how I always bragged about what a great baby he was, it was like the minute he turned 1 he has started testing us a little bit!! If anyone has any ideas on how to discipline a 1 year old let me know:) Overall though Colt is doing great and the good times far outweigh the bad!


Rachel & Sean said...

Have fun on Vaca it will feel so amazing to relax by the lake. Can't waite to see the pics.

Brittsan's said...

Carolyn, Colt is just adorable!!! I can't believe how big he is getting. I really need to update my page, but we've been busy as well. Anyway I wanted to comment quickly on your sign language interest. There's a DVD series called Signing Time and it's great. You can look into it at I've been watching it with Taylor and have already learned soooo much! Anyway, take care and have a great trip!!!


Julie Pemberton said...

We can hardly wait to see Colt tomorrow and see all the signs he has
Bring the monkey (:
Love, MeeMah and PaPee

Conlin Family said...

I agree it is amazing how quickly they pick up on things! That's great that he's learning sign language so quickly!
I have to say Kaylee threw tantrums at age 1 but now that she's 2 they are much worse! I'm having a hard time trying to find discipline that works with her too. She's a stubborn little girl!
Have a great vacation and take care. =)

All of us said...

I am sorry...were you writing about Colt or were you writing about Madilyn.....She likes to through fits too. Her whole body goes limp and it seems to be the end of the world. Alright, alright....i wiwll try to do more signs with Madi. that way she and Mae and Colt can all communicate.

Misty said...

Just catching up on your blog. Colt is so cute and he's grown so much!