Friday, July 11, 2008

Colt and Camryn

Colt and I drove over to Kennewick today to spend the day with Camryn. Julie and Mike were out of town and Kenzie and Andy both had to work so I volunteered to come over and play with the kids. It was so fun!
Camryn is so cute! I can't believe the difference between her and Colt. Camryn is small and dainty. Colt is big and burly! I was giving them raspberries for a snack. Camryn would very carefully pick one up between her two fingers and put it very carefully in her mouth and chew it. Colt would grab about 4, smash them between his fingers and then proceed to shove it in his mouth and swallow without chewing! I must say I prefer how neat Camryn is to Colt's messiness. I hate messes!! Ask Dave, he gets annoyed how I just can't let dishes sit in the sink, or let Colt's toys be left on the ground all night. I love clean and if its not clean I can't relax!
The kids had so much fun, they really interacted with each other this time and that was fun to watch.
They spent the majority of the day going up and down the stairs. After watching Camryn go down the stairs backwards Colt finally started doing it himself. Dave and I have been trying to teach him this for a long time but the problem was that he never wanted to go back down he always just wanted to go up:)
After chasing them around all afternoon I put them in the crib for awhile so I could sit!! They were hilarious, laughing and poking each other.

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Rachel & Sean said...

Camryn is so cute! I love watching the kids interact with eachother. On Monday Madi kept taking her toys away from Mae and pileing them up on her side of the room it was hilarious.