Monday, June 30, 2008

1 year check up

Colt had his one year check up today. He is doing fine and he had to have 3 shots! OUCH!! He cried for each one and then calmed down when they gave him a ball to play with. He even showed off his walking skills to the doctor. He was walking all over the office and I could hardly get him to stay still. He was just shy of 32 inches (95%) and 23 lbs (50%). His weight and head circumference have really slowed down his head was in the 50% as well as his weight. He is still high on the chart for his height though. Overall, everything is going well, he still has his calcified hematoma on the left side of his head. I asked the doctor about it because I thought for sure it would have been gone by now. She said that it is noticably smaller to her even though I may not notice it as much because I see him everyday. She also said that his head is starting to grow a lot slower than when he was first born so its not going to disappear as rapidly as it did when he was younger. He has a lot more hair now so its not as noticable but I will be happy when it disapears completely!! I guess it will be something we can tease him about when he gets older:)


Rachel & Sean said...

Im so glad that his check up went well. And isn't it so funny how kids grow getting chubby then thinning out and growing taller. I still can't believe that he is 1 already and that Madi is turning 1 tomorrow. So crazy. I hope that you are having a blast this summer.

Conlin Family said...

It's been a while since I've visited your I've been reading all your past blogging and have enjoyed reading everything. I'm glad that Colt's check-up went well..except for the shots! Those are no fun.
We found out what we're having this week and it's a boy! I sure hope he's as easy as Colt has been for you! I need an easy one after having Kaylee. =)
It sounds like you've had a busy and fun summer so far!

Rachel & Sean said...

I hope your having fun with all you are doing I can tell your crazy busy since we heve not been updated on whats going on in the Pemberton/Colt world. Well I cant waite to read all your new posts when life settles down for you!