Monday, June 23, 2008

Colt's Birthday Gift

Colt got a new little playground for his birthday. For now we put it in our living room and he loves it. He immediately put all his trucks in it and likes to play with all of his trucks and push them down the slide.
His favorite thing to do is open the door and go inside, then close the door and push his trucks down the slide. Then it starts all over again.
Getting ready to push the truck down the slide. Look at the little expression on his face.
He has had so much fun the past two days playing with this. Mike and Julie got it for him and he got a lot of trucks from other people so he is really enjoying all his birthday gifts even if his actual birthday is not until Wednesday.
He was playing peek-a-boo with me. The little guy just cracks me up!
Getting ready to go down the slide by himself. Aunt Marni taught him when she was here this past weekend for his party.
He loves going down and when he gets to the bottom points back to the top and it starts all over again. We are having a lot of fun playing so far this summer!

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