Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One Year Pictures

I went and had Colt's one year pictures done today at Picture People in Kennewick. They turned out all right, they are pretty cute but I was hoping to get more ones of him really smiling. He was so happy when he was there but he just wanted to move so much it was hard to get him to stop and look at the camera. This is only the second time I have done proffesional photos for Colt, Dave is not real big on me spending a lot of money on photos but its so fun to do:) My mom came with me and she ended up buying more than I did, I am pretty sure she has more pictures of Colt up in the house than she has of her own daughters!! The outfit he is wearing is a birthday gift from my sister Amy, it is so cute!!

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Rachel & Sean said...

1 year pictures so so so so so cute. When Sean looked at them he said hey he has Dianes eyes. I just thought that was so cute. I love him in the green button up too he looks like such a big boy.