Tuesday, June 17, 2008


It was warm today and Audra called and invited us swimming. Madelyn is here for the week visiting by herself so we spent the day together.
It was Colt's first time ever swimming. He seemed to really like it.
He only wanted me to hold him but as long as I was holding him he was happy to be in the water.
We are going to take parent-child swim lessons coming up here in a couple weeks so it should be fun. I am loving being off of work, I don't think I have ever looked forward to it as much as I did this year (well except maybe last year when I was pregnant:)). We get up early, play hard all day and go to bed late (well Colt goes to bed early). I feel just as tired now as I did when I was working but I am having so much more fun now too so I am not complaining about it! I am so lucky to have a job where I have the opportunity to spend an entire two months just enjoying being a mom and not worrying about work.


Rachel & Sean said...

Were going swimming with Mae today. And last sunday we went to the lake she loved it. You are looking so good. Can't waite to see you and the Coltster soon.

Rachel & Sean said...

I forgot to say how cute Colt is. And how Im so glad that you have all summer to play with him now and not be stressed out.