Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend Activities

Well we had a busy weekend!! We started off the weekend EARLY. Colt was up at 6:00 on Saturday morning, so I put a sweatshirt on him, gave him a bottle and took him running with me. He was in the BEST mood. I love this picture of him.
Just goofing around.
He is so funny, I love his personality and he just cracks me up. He is getting so BIG! We finally moved his carseat forward facing because his feet were hitting the back of the seat and his knees were like up in his chin:) I had called the nurse just to make sure it was all right and she kind of acted like it was a stupid question, but I wanted to be sure it was all right since he was not quite one yet. Something else we have done early is transition him to whole milk. My doctor said I could go ahead and switch him to real milk around 11 months, so we did and he loves it. I think he likes it even better than the formula. He is down to only two bottles a day, one at night and one in the morning. A lot of days he will only drink one bottle in the evening, but most mornings I am too tired to go down and feed him breakfast and get him his sippy cup so I just give him the bottle so he can lay in bed with us a little longer:) The rest of the time he drinks out of sippy cups, once school gets out I am going to start weaning him off his morning bottle completely and by the end of summer I hope to be bottle free (if not sooner I am sick of washing bottles!!).
Silly Face!
Back to our weekend.........we hopped in the car Saturday mid-morning and drove to Tri-Cities.
Colt thought it was so fun playing in the back of Dave's truck while we loaded the car.
We went to Taylor's high school graduation and then back to Dave's parents place for a party. There was tons of food, games to play (ladder ball anyone??) and lots of people to visit with.
Colt did awesome, he did great during the graduation and he loved the party, he had only gotten an hour nap that day which is usually a bad deal for him but he was so good. He never cried or whined, he was so happy and loved being outside during the party and watching everyone. He eventually fell asleep on Papa Mike's lap around 8:30 that evening. We ended up staying the night at Kenzie and Andy's.
The next morning we decided to put the cousins in the bath together, they did not really know what to think of it. They just kind of looked at each other and then cried a lot. I had other pictures but there was a little too much nudity in them for me to post:) If Colt ever does read this I don't want him mad at me for posting naked pictures for everyone to see! We got home this evening and we are tired! It was a fun weekend but we did not get much sleep and its never relaxing when you have a little one to take care of but it is sooo worth it! I only have 3.5 days of school left, I am counting them down and really looking forward to summer.


All of us said...

Busy too, sorry I didnt call you back, I had a graduation on Friday, wedding on Saturday and a kitchen remodel on Sunday. I can't belive how big he is getting. I transition Madi to whole milk, but I think she is still too sensitive for cow's milk. She is still drinking soy formula. We try her now and again on luck. Just a few more days and you are on SUmmer Break...yea!!!!

Brittsan's said...

Carolyn I just can't get over how cute Colt is!!! I love his little teeth! Taylor still doesn't have any. We've been calling her grandpa gums, because that's what her mouth looks like. Anyway, I'm so happy for you that you're almost done with school. Summer can almost start for you!!!! Hooray!

Rachel & Sean said...

I love the bathtub picture. I think we all have one like that. he is getting so big I can't believe that Colt is on whole milk already. And only 2 bottles a day. Im so excited that your almost done with School only like 2 days left. YIPPIE!!!!!

Amanda said...

Colt looks a lot like his daddy in these pictures!! Super cute!

Conlin Family said...

He's so cute and I agree with Amanda that he looks like his daddy!
That's great you have him down to 2 bottles a day. He's getting so big and almost one..time flys doesn't it?
I'm excited for you that you have your summer break!
Take Care =)