Saturday, June 21, 2008

Colt's 1st Birthday Party

A couple kids in my mom's 4th grade classroom made this poster for Colt's first birthday. They knew how much he loves dogs because my mom is always telling her kids about Colt so they painted a big dog for him, they were trying to make her look like my parents dog Jordan.
We had the party out at my mom and dad's place because its a lot bigger and they have a huge yard with lots of shade trees (not that it mattered because it was cloudy and raining a little bit!!). When we first got there Colt got his first present, a maraca. My mom had made a bunch of maracas for all the little cousins to take home with them. Colt's was blue with dog prints on it.
Dave and Amy decorated Colt's cake and I baked the cupcakes. We made him a turtle cake and....
.....a centipede cake. It has exactly 100 legs too!
My grandma came to Walla Walla for a couple weeks so she was able to be here for Colt's birthday too!!
We barbecued hamburgers, had 3 different salads and punch to eat. All of my sisters came and there kids and my good friend Audra stopped by. Her and Brent are leaving for Europe for the summer so it was nice of them to stop by on there way out of town!
Dave's family came as well and we all ate lunch on the back lawn at my parents house. It had stopped raining by this time so we were able to enjoy the outdoors without the rain or heat! It was kind of cool out which was nice. Colt had a hotdog and pasta salad, he loved it!
The girls all wanted to try out the hammock. Colt was swinging too but he was a little overwhelmed by all the girls so we had to take him off.
Colt's twin cousins Reese and Perry and the proud grandparents.
Popyee and Memah (Dave's parents) got Colt a little kangaroo climber that has a slide on it to play on, however he was much more entertained by the box!
We headed inside after presents and sang Colt happy birthday and let him have his cupcake. He was kind of apprehensive about digging into it, probably because of all the people watching him!
My sisters Amy and Ann got Colt a bubble blowing machine so we went back outside and the kids loved playing and running through all the bubbles. Colt was swinging his arms and going crazy and my dad would walk around with him on his shoulders. It was pretty cute!
Colt had a great day and had no meltdowns!! I was a little nervous he would be overwhelmed or tired but he had so much fun with his baby cousins (Camryn, Reese and Perry) and his older cousins (Madelyn and Lucy). He got some really nice gifts and lots of trucks to play with. Thank you to all of our family for coming it was so much fun to hang out and celebrate this special little boy! By the end of the day I was more exhausted than Colt, my eyes were so heavy and I just wanted to sleep. Its a lot of work putting on a birthday party, even if he is only 1 but it was well worth it.


The Price Family said...

Looks like a TON of fun! Great job MOM!! You look great by the way, and I am so excited to see you this weekend.


Julie Pemberton said...

It was a great party Care and Dave.
Colt did so good and it was fun to see all your family.
It's been a long time since I was with so many one year olds-aren't they precious and unique?
Thanks Care for keeping up with the blog, I don't comment always but check it almost every day. It helps since I don't always get to see Mr. Colt every day. Love, Julie, mom, Meemah

Conlin Family said...

It looks like you did a great job with his party! I love the cakes..they turned out really cute.
I agree that the parties wear us out more than the kids!
I'm enjoying seeing all your posts and it looks like you are having a great summer!
Take Care!

All of us said...

You guys are so creative. Marcas, Centipede cake, A turtle cake. ALl the pictures reminded me of just how many girls are in your family. Yea Colt....1 YEAR

mark lawrence said...

Great blog, seems like a lot of fun! The baby is really very cute. My boy is also turning 1 next month and we have booked one of the event venues Chicago for the grand party. There will also be music and a movie night for the kids coming to the party.