Friday, June 20, 2008


We spent the last couple days in Portland. Dave qualified for a business trip so we got to stay at the Marriot on the water in Portland and have some fun. Dave's parents also went on the trip, while Dave and his dad went to meetings Julie, Colt and I got to have some fun! The first night we went to dinner and then took a walk along the water.
Colt wanted to see what his dad was looking at but he couldn't quite understand how to look inside.
Mike, Julie and Me on the waterfront.
Family picture!!
Giving Popyee a BIG KISS!!
Colt's awesome grandparents. They love him so much!!

Kisses from Memah and Popyee.
We walked down closer to the water, we did not have any bread to give the ducks so Dave put a leaf in Colt's shoe and the duck came right up and grabbed it off his shoe. Colt jumped when the duck grabbed it and then he laughed. It was cute!
Just checking things out.
On Thursday when the guys were in meetings Julie and I met up with a friend who has two young girls at a park in Vancouver. Colt loved the park, this is the only picture I took because I spent most the time running around with Colt going down slides and swinging on monkey bars:)
Thursday night we went out with a group of people to dinner on the waterfront. Colt is getting so big, he likes to walk with us and hold our hands now. It is so funny to see him become a little person now. We got rid of the bottle during this trip too. I ran out of liners (I prefer to use the liners because it means all I have to do is wash the nipples) I was going to run to the store and get some before the trip and Dave told me not to bother with it and just give him his milk in sippy cups. So we took no bottle with us on the trip to Portland and he did great, he drinks all his milk from sippy cups now. Just another sign that he is turning into a toddler

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The Price Family said...

Fun trip :) I am jealous, we need a vacation really bad over here! I am glad Colt is such a good little traveler and props to you for getting rid of the bottle at one year. It took us until Crew was 1 1/2 to get rid of that nightime one!