Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dworshak Reservoir Camping Trip

School got out last Thursday and Friday morning we loaded the truck and left for a camping trip at Dworshak Reservoir in Idaho. It was supposed to be a 2.5 hour drive....
........ but we got lost (I printed off the wrong directions and Dave was nice enough to just laugh about it) and it ended up being a lot longer!
Luckily, Colt slept through most of the trip and was a great traveler!
Aunt Katie was waiting for us and took care of Colt while we set up camp.
The weather was great but it cooled down a lot in the evenings so I made sure to bring Colt lots of warm clothes. We also took the dogs, Byson was a pretty happy dog being cuddled with his favorite people. Colt is trying to give him love, he likes to kiss him too but usually ends up with a mouth full of hair!
Hanging out by the campfire with all of Dave's uncles, aunts and cousins.
Checking out the 4-wheeler. It belongs to Dave's cousin Tim, Dave is sitting by Trey who is Tim's son. He was such a great kid and so good with Colt.
Dave, Katie and Tara (cousin) finishing breakfast. Dave did all the cooking all weekend long and it was delicious!! He brought the dutch oven and made the most amazing blueberry cobbler, buttermilk biscuits and a delicious breakfast.
We went on a long hike, we thought it would be pretty easy but it was a hike up a mountain. We were all sore the next day from all those hills but it was fun! The little guy is Tim and Karen's son Harrison who is just 2 weeks younger than Colt.
Colt enjoyed camping for the most part. It was a little frusterating for him because he really wanted to be expoloring but the ground was covered with rocks and pine needles so it was not the ideal place to crawl and when he would try and walk he would fall a lot.
Check out our tent behind Colt, my parents got it for Dave for his birthday this year and it was really nice!! Its going to get a lot of use these next couple years. Colt got really good at using whatever was around to help him walk around the campsite and Byson was always close by....
....he has become a master at the bear crawl now!!
Hanging out with Byson waiting for us to pack up and go home. We had such a great time and it was so fun to see all of Dave's extended family and hang out. The weather was great, the company even better!! This summer is starting out to be pretty fun!!

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All of us said...

yea Colts first campin trip. He and bayson make a great pair.