Saturday, June 28, 2008

Trip to Ellensburg

We headed to Ellensburg this past weekend for my college roomate Randi and her now husband Tony's wedding. It was even more fun that usual because we got to meet up with a bunch of our college friends (my roomates and teamates on the volleyball court) and for the first time we got to see my friend Jess's baby boy Wyatt and my friend Julie's little boy Brody. The reception was in this really old building and it had no air condition and it was 100 degrees out so Dave, Colt, Dale and Wyatt sat outside alot trying to stay cool.
Brody Price, he is 5 weeks old.
Colt was great all weekend long, he never cried in the car, played well with all the other kids, and did pretty well sleeping with us at the hotel. We did not bring the pack-n-play with us because we forgot it was at my mom and dad's and we had no time to go and get it so Colt slept between us in the bed at the hotel. He moves a lot in his sleep!! Dave and I kept having to put him back in the middle because he was always turning sideways or upside down in the bed. I am so glad that he does not sleep with us, I would be exhausted all the time!!!
Family picture at the wedding.
My friend Julie and her sons Brody and Crew (2 years old).
It was so fun to get to see all of my close friends and teamates from college. There were 5 of us that shared a house together at Central and everyone was at the wedding except Courtney (we missed you Court!), she was coaching volleyball in Reno, Nevada. We will see all of them again in about 3 weeks when we go to Chelan for a week. We rent a house down there, bring the kids and play for an entire week. None of us live in the same town so its a fun way to catch up and relax. I am really looking forward to it!!

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