Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Crafts.

Colt and Jax LOVE doing crafts. They both ask me almost daily if I have a "craft" that they can do. I am not a crafty person but I try and do some type of school activity or craft activity with them every day. My friend Erin did this with her girls and I knew Colt would love it. I got a bunch of construction paper from school (and my mom's school) and told the boys we were going to make pumpkin men. Colt had so much fun with this, Jax started but quickly lost interest when he got his glue stick taken away for gluing the table rather than the paper. The fun thing was that Colt did 90% of this all by himself, I cut the pumpkin out and drew the lines and he did everything else. I showed him how you can crinkle the legs and arms so he did that too (though he said he wanted straight arms instead of crinkled). When he had finished he looked at me and said "mom he needs a hat and I want it to be pink" so I cut out a pink hat and he glued that on. He was so excited he decided to finish Jax's too.
Showing off his pumpkin men. Notice the hair on Jax's man, I thought Colt was finished and I look over and he is ripping pieces of black paper and gluing them on. "He needs HAIR mom" is what he said when I asked what he was doing.
The next craft was much more messy and really hard for me to let them do. I finally just had to stop talking and worrying about the mess and let them have fun. We had gone to the pumpkin patch and they each picked out their own pumpkin. They really wanted to carve it but I told them we had to wait until closer to Halloween. I decided they could paint their pumpkins instead and my mom had a huge drawer full of leftover paint and paint brushes. They both had so much fun (and paint all over themselves!). I set them up outside with a tray of different paint colors and let them paint.
I was happy to see Jax get so involved, he loves to do what Colt does but gets frustrated when he can't keep up or do it so it was fun to see him enjoy this and having so much fun.

Notice the left hand, he painted the entire pumpkin that way. Still not sure what his dominate hand is, we were outside throwing a ball around later that day and he always throws with his right but seems to eat and color with both his left and right.

They had fun and for the most part were good about keeping the paint on the pumpkins and not each other. I really need to do more activities like this with them, it really is fun but I am not a crafty person at all so I always have trouble coming up with ideas!

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