Monday, October 10, 2011

The littlest brother

 Case is quickly becoming mobile, he can roll both front to back and back to front. No longer can I leave him somewhere and expect him to stay in one place. When on his tummy he is constantly trying to push up on his knees. He moves all around his crib which is resulting in him waking up several times a night right now because he gets himself stuck in such awkward positions. Even though he is a big time mover and is often squirming around he is still a great snuggler and loves to be cuddled. The funny thing is that of all three of my boys he was the least active in utero but so far he is the most active of all my babies.
First time in a swing. He looks so little (and bald!).
 Love him!!!


Tabaitha said...

Seriously, all of your boys have the best eyes! This one is the least active as well in utero, so it will be interesting to see how active she is later on.

workout mommy said...

so adorable!! :)