Monday, January 23, 2012

Case : 8 months

The baby stage goes way too fast for me. I look at Case and already miss the little tiny newborn that we brought home just 8 months ago. Case is the perfect little brother, he is easy to have around, is not too demanding and loves to crawl after his brothers all around the house.  Colt and Jax enjoy "wrestling" with him too and for the most part they are both really gentle when they do it though Case has come away with a few little bumps and bruises. He is a good eater and is just starting to self-feed, still no teeth so for now I am just giving him little bits of bananas, bread and baby puffs. He is wearing pretty much all 12 month clothing and some 18 month. He is long but still fairly lean, he is constantly moving and pulling himself up on everything. He likes to pull himself up on the couch and then let go and see how long he can stand for. Its not long right now but just the fact that he is brave enough to do that has me thinking he will be my earliest walker of my three boys. Unfortunately, he is still not sleeping through the night. Most nights he is only up once but some nights its more than that, he will sleep eventually......right?
Case is a cutie and we ALL love him!


Michelle said...

Just don't put a time limit on "eventually". Mine was a long wait!!!

Tabaitha said...

Absolutely adorable!

posted by the Bogdanoff family said...

He is so cute! Whenever I look at your blog I think, "Yeah, I could do 3"..then reality hits and I think I have lost my mind! But seeing how cute this little bugger is really makes me want to go for it! Only time will tell. We had a wonderful birthday! We couldn't have asked for a better day..and it was SO nice to have the day off to be with my boys. Dr. appt on March 1. I will let you know.