Thursday, February 23, 2012


Today is my 31st birthday. My family is incredible about my birthday, every single one of them makes it special.  Colt had AWANA last night at church and Dave picked him up, on the way home they stopped at Dairy Queen to pick up an ice cream cake for me (it is starting to become a birthday tradition to give me a DQ cake, I am definitely not complaining!). I wish I could have been there when Colt picked it out, Dave said he had to start by telling him that "mommy doesn't need a sheet cake for her birthday." Dave said he looked at all the cakes over and over again trying to find one that "mommy would like". There were apparently a bunch of superhero cakes but he did not think I would want those. He finally decided this was the one:
A mermaid cake!
The girl at DQ asked him what he wanted it to say and he said " We love you mommy, more than the dollar store" (he truly LOVES the dollar store). But in the end they just wrote "We love you mommy". It was the perfect kick off to my birthday and tasted delicious!
Thursday morning my alarm went off at 4:30 and I fed Case and headed to the gym for a workout. I ran 5.31 miles in honor of my 31st birthday and then went to work. When I got home from work my parents were there watching the kids so Dave and I could go to the Maple Counter Cafe for breakfast. That was a fun treat, I was boring and ordered oatmeal with fresh fruit but it was delicious and I knew I would get plenty of treats later in the day. It was nice to spend some time alone with Dave too. I got back to the house around 11:30 and after my parents left and Dave went back to work I decided to take the kids to the new jump place in town called Jumpin Jellybeanz. What a cool place! The kids played for 3 hours and I finally had to bribe them with promises of McDonald's for dinner so we could leave, they could have easily played all day long. 
Dave met us at McDonald's and the kids ate and then we went home because my parents were coming over and my mom had made me a birthday cake! I had requested this chocolate cake from Our Best Bites and it was simply amazing! Unlike any chocolate cake I had ever had, I ate it for 3 days in a row and then had to start giving it away or my jeans would have been too tight. There is nothing I love more than chocolate (well besides maybe coffee) and this cake was the perfect birthday cake. In fact I was so excited for the cake that when my mom asked me what I wanted for dinner I told her not even to worry about it. I wanted to save plenty of room in my stomach for my dessert, plus I love that my mom still wants to make me a cake. So yes I did have 2 cakes this year and yes I did eat my fair share of  both of them, please don't judge me.
My sweet Grandma Milly sent me this beautiful flower birthday basket arrangement. I also received lots of calls, texts, flowers and cards on my birthday. It was so nice to feel the love from my family and friends.
My mom helped the boys make cards for me and then each boy gave me a small bag with a pair of nike running socks and a card made by them (well I think Colt helped Case make his). I love birthdays and my birthday officially kicks off the birthday season in our house. Dave is next in April followed by Case & Jax at the end of May and Colt in June. The best part of all of it is the excitement that the boys had over my birthday this year, both Colt and Jax were so excited to celebrate and told me many times throughout the day that they loved me. I put them to bed that night and Colt says to me "Mom its still your birthday for a couple more hours go have some fun."

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Erin said...

What a wonderful birthday!! I'm having fun catching up on your blog:)