Sunday, August 5, 2012

Crescent Bar camping

We spent 5 days camping  in Crescent Bar, Washington with good friends. We met up with 3 other families (all of us girls were college roommates and played volleyball together at CWU); the Chase's (Dale, Jessica, Wyatt (4), Gavin (2.5) & Sidney (1)), the Price's (Chris, Julie, Crew (6), Brody(4), Kyler(2.5) and baby boy #4 due in December), and the Stacy's (Shane, Courtney, Kendall (2) and baby boy due in September). So if you are counting that is 8 adults, 10 children (8 boys and 2 girls) and 2 more baby boys coming soon. We are a little boy heavy in our group, something that is always talked about and people make remarks about anytime we all get together. We camped with the Stacy's and the other families stayed in condos. We had a pretty nice set up with a trailer and two tents so overall it was fun camping and being outside so much. We also had a pool at our campsite and we used the pools at both condos as well. We spent the majority of our time swimming or letting the kids run around and play while the adults tried to catch up and talk while making sure the kids didn't kill each other. With all these boys around there is ALOT of wrestling, chasing and non-stop movement, it's not relaxing at all but it sure is fun! The guys played golf one evening and the girls all went out to lunch one afternoon besides that we did whatever the kids wanted to do. Vacations sure are different now, Dave and I didn't sleep much and came home needing a vacation from our vacation. Case came down with a cold and fever the first night we were there and did not feel well most of the trip, I kept giving him tylenol and he would perk up for a bit but once it started wearing off he was crying and hard to console. Colt and Jax had a blast and it was so fun getting together and seeing everyone again. I miss these girls so much and love getting together and catching up.
Our campsite.
Colt, Jax and Kendall having some lunch.
Happy Case before he got sick. It was all downhill from here.
Dave and I both went running while we were there, I took this picture on one my runs. This was the view from the top, you had to climb 2 miles uphill to get here. Not easy but it made the way down very nice.
The guys : Chris, Shane, Dale and Dave.
Boys being boys.
Jess was convinced Case needed a bottle of milk after I told her he only drank from sippy cups. He was pretty happy with it too.
Jess, Case, Court and Kendall.
Case and Jax wrestling.
More wrestling...Brody and Jax
A very competitive game of ping pong.
Colt and Crew
What a bunch of babes.
Colt and Brody

Jess helping Case and Gavin blow bubbles.
Colt and Crew swimming
The Stacy family.

Dale and his baby girl Sidney.
Jess of course brought crafts for the kids to do. They all got to make a sand necklace.
Wyatt, Brody and Crew.
Jess's mom Theresa helping Colt with his necklace.
Jax's turn.
Showing off their necklaces.
Theresa, Sidney and Jessica.

Jax and Kendall saying "cheers".
Beach time!
Case and Sidney.

Jules and Court (both due with baby boys this fall).
Gorgeous Jess with her baby girl Sidney.

Watching a little movie on the I-pad before bed.
The Price/Pemberton boys.
Crew, Colt, Brody, Jax, Kyler & Case.

Case's first popsicle thanks to Julie.
Kyler and Jax.
Ice cream cones!
By the time Sunday came we were ready to come home, it was so fun being with all our friends but Case being sick and crabby the entire time was tough. I always look forward to getting our kids together and they always seem to play like they are the best of friends. Looking forward to many more fun times ahead!

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Tabaitha said...

Looks like so much fun! I wish our weather was a bit cooler to be able to camp in the summer time. It's usually still in the 80s to 90s at night, so it's a little hot for tent or cabin camping.