Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

 We had a fun Halloween this year. I told the boys they could be whatever they wanted as long as we already had the costume. We ended up with Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and Colbi was a penguin (thanks to Aunt Kenzie letting us use Camryn's costume from when she was a baby).

 Case wanted nothing to do with pictures or the Spider-Man mask. He was, however, all about the trick-or-treating though.
 Colbi slept most of the time in her costume. I think she was nice and warm.
 After dinner my mom and I took the boys trunk or treating at the high school. This was good practice for Case since he had never been before. He did great saying trick-or-treat and saying thank you once they gave him candy. It was fun to watch him in awe of all the other costumes and candy, he figured it all out pretty quickly.  After the high school we drove over to trick-or-treat with the Hutchison's.
Hannah, Joel, Harper, Case, Colt & Jax (who by this time was already done trick-or-treating and just wanted to eat candy).
 The babies Reese and Colbi.

I tried to get in the spirit too and dressed up as Superwoman using Dave's old t-shirt, one of the boys superman capes and black boots. We got all of our costumes on and walked down to meet Colt at the but stop. He was pretty excited when he saw we had all dressed up. I think I may have to think more about dressing up with the kids every year in the future. They all thought it was so cool.

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