Monday, November 25, 2013

Colbi Lyn : 3 months

Snuggling with daddy (rarely happens since most the time the boys are wrestling with daddy).
Colbi got to experience her first run in the BOB jogger, Case of course wanted to come to (he comes with me everywhere). She slept the entire time and Case talked the entire time and I just enjoyed getting out of the house and getting some "me" time.
Colbi sleeping while Papa holds her.
Aunt Marni got Colbi a University of Idaho shirt for Christmas so we had to get a picture of her with Papa (always a UofI graduate).
Colbi and Lennon. My good friend Audra youngest daughter was born on October 29, it will be fun to see these little girls grow up together.

I am loving the bows lately. She still needs a little bit more hair for them to stay in really well but she just looks so cute with bows and headbands in her hair I can't resist.

If Colbi is awake then a big brother is never far away, in this case all three of them wanted to tell her good morning.
First Thanksgiving (Aunt Amy got her and Maggie matching Thanksgiving outfits).
Colbi and Maggie (4.5 months).

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Michelle said...

Adorable lil' fam. Love the updates, although your mom is HAPPY to keep me posted at school! ;) ps--we've got plenty more camo coming your way!