Saturday, December 21, 2013

Tis the Season..........

 The traditional trip to Klickers for our Christmas tree.
 Decorating Christmas trees with friends.
  Little sister.
 So serious.....
Meet Funny Raccoon, Silly Little Reindeer and George.
 My mom took the boys to find Christmas shirts because Jax has been asking her forever for a shirt with mittens on it. They could not find any shirts that they liked but the were successful in the stuffed animal aisle. The boys love these things, they have been their constant companions at bedtime, in the car and pretty much all around the house.
 Papa and his mini-me!
 This kid.......he will only wear camo and if its not camo he is not happy.
 Colt had his Christmas program at school. He looked so handsome in his white shirt and black pants and sang loudly for everyone to hear. So proud of this kid!
 First snow! We got out in it while we could but it didn't stay long. These two thought it was hilarious to peg mom with the snowballs over and over again.

A nice relaxing Saturday morning with my kiddos.

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