Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Colbi Lyn : 4 months

 This darling girl turned 4 months old on Christmas Day. What a sweetie she is, her personality is happy and snuggly. I could just kiss and snuggle her all day long (which I try to do!).
 She is growing so fast and it is so fun to watch but painful in a way to know that with every day she gets a little bigger and a little less my tiny baby girl.

 Snuggles with daddy.
 Snuggling her owl blankie made by Di Di's good friend Kathy Walker.
Snuggles with big brother.
Colbi has lots of love from all her brothers. Colt loves to hold her gently and sings to her this little song he made up :"Colbi here, Colbi there, Colbi Colbi everywhere" in this sweet high pitched sound. Anytime she starts to fuss or cry he gently sings her that song and she calms down and just stares at him. He does not like her to cry and if I am busy he is always the first one to run over and try and soothe her.  Jax is crazy over her, he likes to call her "Sis" and gives her loud, but soft kisses all over her head randomly all throughout the day. Case is completely obsessed, he just cannot leave her alone. Wherever she is, he finds her and wants to get in her face, talking to her, clapping, kissing and making loud loud noises ALL DAY LONG. As long as he is being nice she will smile and laugh at him but if he gets too rough (which happens at least once a day) she cries. Not going to lie, its exhausting but we are dealing with it. Overall, life is good and the kids are doing well. Colbi is so very loved, she is one lucky little girl!
4 month stats
Weight: 13.5 lbs (40%)
Height: 27 inches (100%)
HC: 85%

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