Sunday, May 25, 2014

Colbi Lyn: 9 months


I had to take this last picture of her in this boppy seat. This seat has been used by all 4 of my kids and I finally gave it to Dave's sister Katie who is having a baby girl in July. Kind of bittersweet getting rid of things that you know you will never use again.

At 9 months Colbi is finally starting to figure out the rolling and scooting thing. She is not even close to crawling so I am betting she will be close to 1 before that happens. Jax did not crawl till 11 months so she seems to be following his development in that regard. However, she is quite the talker and mimics everything we do. She can say hi, bye, mama, dada, dog, Jax, banana and no. She waves hello and good-bye, plays peek-a-boo, blows kisses, claps and plays patty cake. She also signs "more" and "dog". She eats pretty much anything we give her, she has yet to refuse a food and is by far the best eater I have ever had (and that's saying a lot because the boys were never that picky either). However, she continues to be smaller than the boys (except in length she is at the top of the chart) at this age. She is wearing 6-9 month and some 12 month clothing and size 3 diapers. She is nursing 4 times a day and eats 3 meals and some snacks. She takes one nap and sleeps about 12 hours every night. She loves her mama and gives her daddy the biggest smiles and giggles when he comes home for the day. Colt and her have become the best of buddies. If I am busy and she is sad Colt will pick her up and hold her until I can take her again. She cuddles right into him and lays her head on his shoulder. Jax loves to play legos with her (the big ones) and likes to feed her puffs. He is very careful about making sure that everything she eats is broken up and very small so she doesn't choke. Case loves to kiss her over and over again. He can't keep his hands off of her and she tolerates it very well, I think she may actually like it. She may end up being as crazy as him! Oh how we love this little girl!!!
9 month stats:
Height: 29 inches (92%)
Weight: 17lbs 2 oz (30%)

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