Saturday, July 12, 2014

Jubilee Lake

We escaped the heat and decided to spend the day in the mountains at Jubilee Lake. The weather was perfect and the water felt incredible. We took our drift boat which was perfect for fishing in the lake and the kids had lots of luck catching trout.

Colbi LOVED it, she was happy all day long. She had napped on the hour drive to the lake and was awake the entire day.  She loved being in the water and splashing around.
My boys headed out to catch some fish.

Pretty sure the little Miss ate rocks and drank lots of lake water. She was happy though!

Colt has become quite the fisherman. He can do pretty much everything himself and loves to have competitions with Dave to see who can catch the most fish. When he is doing stuff like this he really reminds me of Dave. I see so much of Dave's personality in him as he gets older.
Me and my baby girl.
Today was perfect, getting away and spending time with just the 6 of us is something we need to do more often.

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