Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Days

Summer is here and so are the triple digit temps. We have spent our days while dad works trying to stay cool and have fun! My parents creek is a favorite place to cool off.

Colt did basketball camp at the YMCA and the boys loved to go and play after he finished.
Blueberry picking, the boys and Colbi ate more than they picked. We need to go back and do this again. They taste so good!

Colt got a tent for his birthday so we had a backyard campout. Dave and I slept on the trampoline and the boys in the tent. Case woke up halfway through the night crying so him and I ended up in our bed for the remainder of the night. This is definitely something we will do again this summer, so simple but the boys love it!
Our garden is growing, the boys love to run out and bring me in the newest veggies that are ripe. We have tons of zucchini (zucchini bread is a favorite around here), jalapenos, peppers, peas and tomatoes.
A pool day is a must to cool off, we spent a day at the Milton Freewater pool and will be doing more of this throughout the summer.
Papa and DiDi's house is much cooler since they live closer to the mountains. The boys always end up eating popsicles (Papa always makes sure he has treats for the boys when they come over) and running through the sprinkler.
 We are trying to slow down and enjoy the slower days of summer before we have to go back to a schedule in the fall. The boys are all doing a reading program at our library and have had fun picking out new library books to read during library story time every Thursday. They have spent lots of time on the trampoline with the sprinkler under it and we have made a few trips for ice cream and sno-cones already. Its been a pretty great summer so far!

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Wendy Perry said...

It was so great to see you and your adorable kids this week!