Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Colbi Lyn: 15 months

Colbi keeps us busy, she is climbing on everything and tearing apart every drawer and cabinet she can find when we are not looking. Her favorite is the dog water dish which results in an outfit change every single time. She has just started taking small steps so I have a feeling by Christmas she will really be walking. She is a talking machine and easily knows 20+ words. She loves to give open mouth kisses to her brothers whenever they are around and they are always happy to let her. She has the best big brothers, I hope she always feels that way! She is an eater and does not turn down much of anything, right now its easy to get her to eat lots of fruits and vegetables  (I know this will change but for now I am giving her as many as she will eat) and she loves milk, cheese, yogurt and pb&j sandwiches. She is sleeping well at night, most nights 7-7:30 or 8 as well as a 2 hour nap most days. She is really starting to feel less like a baby and more like another member of our family. Moving past the baby stage is not easy for me, I am so very much aware of the many lasts that I will never get to experience again but I am trying to focus on the joy of raising my kids and looking forward to watching them all grow and being a part of their lives.

15 month stats
Weight: 21lb 10oz (40%)
Height: 32 inches (90%)
Head Circumference: (50%)

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