Monday, November 24, 2014

Fall happenings and a little bit of snow.

 Colt's soccer season finished up in the middle of October. He was on the same team that he has been on for the last 3 years, its such a great group of boys and he had so much fun.
 When I need a break the only one she ever really wants is her Papa. LOVE!
 My babysitter sent me this pic one morning when she had all the kids outside playing. She was so happy just to sit and watch them play.
 Friday night high school football with Papa!
 Jax had his fall preschool program and my dad came along to watch and help me out with Colbi and Case.
 Jax did so well and listens very well to instructions and doing what is right. He was very happy we were there and kept smiling and waving at us.
 We went out and celebrated a good report card for Colt at The Bread Co. He is doing really well in school so far and works hard at it.
 Love this kid!
 Papa often stops by after his morning hunts to see the kids and show them his pheasants.
 We enjoyed a few last warm days at the park.

 Soccer finished and Colt jumped right into basketball. I must say I enjoy watching this sport so much more! He has done well for it only being his first year playing and he seems to really like it.

 We have had some cold temps come through but that does not stop us from getting outside and burning some energy.

 We also had our first snow, it was not much but enough to get out and play in it for an afternoon. I am really hoping we get some more snow this year, the boys love it and its so fun to see their excitement and play in it with them.

Next up Thanksgiving! We are looking forward to the holidays and lots of time spent together and with family.

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