Thursday, July 30, 2015

Random Ramblings: Summer Fun

 As July comes to an end I have been looking back through pics at all the fun the kids have had this summer. After our trip to Brownlee we spent the rest of the month closer to home with a few trips to Kennewick. Memah had Jax, Case and Colbi over for a night and took them to the splash pad.

 Swimming in Uncle Andy and Aunt Kenzie's pool is always a highlight of visiting. Look at all those cousins!

 Audra and I were bridesmaids in our friend Abbey's wedding. It was 106 that day and the wedding was outside but it was so fun to get away from everything and just enjoy being with friends for the day. Such a fun wedding!
 Summer would not be complete without a trip to Klicker's for ice cream cones!

 Oh man this girl! I could write a book and shes not even 2!
 Time spent at Lions Park with the Hutchison's is always a good time. We take the kids to play at the park and they always end up in the stream the entire time.

 We moved Colbi out of her crib. With our move coming up in August we gave our crib to a friend and Colbi got moved. She started on the crib mattress on the floor and then we just recently moved her into the guest bed which will be her bed once we move.
 My cute mama and grandma Milly.  I miss the farm!
 Summer mornings are the best! No where to rush off too, just relaxing (on the floor for now since we sold our couch!).
 Our soon to be new couch! We went with a dark gray and did not get the ottoman but it will be nice and roomy for all these kids as they keep on growing.
 Kenzie and I traded kids for a night. Jax stayed with Calvin and Camryn came home with us.
 Camryn was so fun to have over. She loves the outdoors and was determined to find deer antlers or a crawdad. We spent the day out at Papa and DiDi's to fulfill her love of the outdoors and hopefully find some. We did find a few crawdad's but were not able to catch them. Still on the lookout for those deer antlers.

 Exploring the creek. I can't wait to move out here!!
Case and Colbi. Oh what an adventure next year is going to be for me with just the two of them at home.

 Colt is playing flag football this summer. I love watching him play. He truly loves the game and really is starting to understand how to play it. We have started playing family football games at night in our backyard.
 There has been a huge fire about 6 miles up the road from my parents place. The firefighters have been working round the clock to put it out for over a week now. My mom came up with the idea to make a sign to tell them thank you.
A girl and her papa.
 We had a glow stick night swim at the Sabin's. The kids were all up to almost midnight and they had a blast!
 Plus a campfire and smore's!

We are ending July with a camping trip in Leavenworth with our friends the Stacy's. August will hopefully bring a move to a new home, our 12 year anniversary, Colbi's 2nd birthday and the start of school for Colt and Jax.  Summer please slow down!

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