Sunday, August 2, 2015

Camping in Leavenworth

We headed to Leavenworth on Thursday to meet the Stacy's for 4 days of camping. 4 adults and 6 kids made for a surprisingly fun and relaxing trip.
 Dave stopped at the gas station and got Colbi a sucker, he said she needed something in her mouth so she would stop talking.
 A full car but very excited kids!
 We had a small cabin and 2 tents.

The scenery did not disappoint!

 The rock next to our campsite was a big source of attraction for the kids.
 Lots of bike riding, they had some fun kids trails and it was a quick way to get to the pool.

 Dave brought his hammock and slept in that in the evenings.
 The kids would play in it during the day.

 For those of you that know Colbi and Case this picture explains it all.

 Mornings were spent relaxing, drinking coffee and hanging out enjoying the cooler weather that we don't get in the summer here in Walla Walla. Leavenworth was amazing that way, it cooled down every evening.
 We also had a pond and a huge field right by the campsite. Perfect for the kids to run around and play.

 Colbi loving on Jax.

 Court and I! 
I made Dave take one picture of us. So fun seeing her and getting to hang out and talk.
 Colbi pitching to Colt and Colt being very patient with her. He is such a great big brother.

 Good friends, the outdoors and wine or beer make these two happy.
 Shane, Kendall (5), Courtney and Zak (2.5)
We floated down the river on innertubes, we were a little worried about how the younger kids would do but all the kids did great and it was fun and relaxing.
Family picture before the big river float. Case fell down right as we were getting ready to take this picture so he was a little upset but he got over it and all the kids really enjoyed the river. Even Colbi was the perfect kid for this event.
 The pool at the campgrounds was really nice and a great way to cool off during the day. Jax and Case are both able to swim on their own now which was fun to watch them gain confidence and get farther and farther away from the edge each time. Colbi was happy with her water wings and playing on the stairs.

A morning run with these two in the cool weather was a great way to start my day.
It wouldn't be a vacation with Case if he didn't fall asleep early and be out for the night. After running around for 3 days he couldn't hang anymore.
We are already planning on coming back next year. It was a great 4 days with good friends and enjoying the outdoors.

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