Monday, August 17, 2015

Mumford and Sons in Walla Walla

This weekend our small town of Walla Walla held a music festival and it was so fun getting to be a part of it. Mumford and Sons and Foo Fighters were the headliners but lots of other bands showed up to play and it was a great weekend to be with family and friends and just enjoy life. Dave's mom offered to take the kids for the weekend which was wonderful. Our friends Shane and Courtney came from Lynden and Taylor came too. Marni and Chris and my mom and dad came too and lots of fun was had. I laughed a lot, stayed up way too late, did so much walking and loved every second of it.
 Enjoying some sushi, a few drinks and good times with friends.

 Court and I! Friends since my sophomore year in college. It was so much fun to spend a weekend together without kids.
 My fun, awesome family!

 These two were quite the party animals!
 We celebrated 12 years of marriage on August 2nd so this weekend was our celebration.

 Little sissy and big brother in law.

Meanwhile our kids were being well taken care of by Memah and Co.

 Trip to the trampoline park with cousins.

 Case, Evie, Sam, Colbi, Camryn, Nora, Colt, Calvin and Jax.

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