Monday, September 28, 2015

Fun with the littles

 With the older boys at school and me not having to start teaching again until January I have been trying to create fun memories with my littlest people. We have started a parent/child preschool 2 days a week which has been really fun and good for both the kids to be around other kids and do fun crafts and activities. I like that I can be part of their learning without having to come up with the activities myself (something I am not very good at). We spend one day a week and walk around downtown, stopping for a coffee for me and on this day cake pops for the kids.

 We often end up at the bookstore downtown. They have a small play area in the children's book section and we sit and play for an hour and read books. It is fairly quiet in there and not very busy during the morning hours and the kids and I enjoy it.

We have spent lots of time at the park, going on bike rides, play dates with friends and just enjoying time with the two of them.  It has been so much fun and I feel so lucky that I get to just enjoy these two with no distractions right now.

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