Friday, October 2, 2015

New Tradition

Dave started a new tradition with the boys this year. Every Friday Colt and Jax have late start at school so Dave has started taking them out to breakfast on Friday mornings. The kids look forward to it all week long and wake up early early every Friday ready to go. Dave always asks them 3 questions during breakfast : what was the best part of your week? worst part? what would you like me to pray for you?
 With Dave being gone hunting this last week I got to take the kids out for breakfast. It was fun but quite the circus. I am sure most people came here to get some work done, have a cup of coffee and wake up. My kids come in wide awake ready to take on the world. While they are well behaved I would not say they are quiet. It was so fun and was a perfect start to my Friday!

Love these kids so much!

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