Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fun Fall Day.

We enjoyed a perfect fall day today with Poppee and Memah. They drove over this morning and took us out to breakfast. We spent the morning watching Colt and then Jax play soccer and then spent some time at Klickers finding pumpkins and playing on the hay bales and slide.

After the pumpkin patch we went to the corn maze, the kids had fun and were great about helping us find their way out of the maze. It took quite awhile and it was a pretty big maze. Not one of them complained and Colbi walked for almost the entire time. Right at the end she asked me to carry her and was almost asleep on my shoulder when we got out of the maze but she woke back up for the car ride back home.

It was such a nice day and so fun to get to spend some time with Dave's parents. The kids adore them and love it when they come over.

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