Sunday, October 25, 2015

Making caramel apples

 Aunt Marni sent us a fun box for caramel apples and decorating pears. We spent some time after church today decorating caramel apples. The kids are at a stage where they can all pretty much do most the work themselves (except for Colbi but her brothers are always willing to help her). Doing projects is becoming so much easier and fun!
 They all helped unwrap the caramels.
 Then after I melted them they got to work covering their apples in caramel and decorating them.
 Colbi ate more candy than actually putting it on her apple so I gave her nuts to put all over hers so I can eat it later.

 "J" for Jax.
The finished project! Halloween is 6 days away and the kids are getting so excited!

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