Friday, August 11, 2017

Leavenworth Camping Trip

 Kicking the trip off right.
We spent 4 days camping in Leavenworth with the Stacy's. It was fun to get out of town and relax a little. We hiked, fished, swam in the pool at the campsite, floated the river and enjoyed being together.
 All 6 of the kids!
Colt (10), Jax (8), Kendall (7), Case (6), Zak (4.5) Colbi (3.5).
 Dave showing the kids how to fish in the river.

 On the shuttle bus to float the river.
 Everyone carried their tubes except for Zak and Colbi. I think one more year and we will have almost total independence from carrying stuff for our kids.

 The river float was a favorite for everyone. We stopped on a sandy beach and spent a few hours playing in the river and diving for rocks.

 Colt helping Kendall swim down the current.
 My kiddos.

 Case and Zak.

Summer is winding down and I am not ready to send these kids back to school (even if the fighting is driving me to drink nightly!).

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