Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chelan - Pool Paradise

We just returned from 2 weeks in Chelan and we had a fabulous time though it feels awesome to finally be home. The first week we spent with Dave's family at a house just off of the lake with a pool. The house was called "Pool Paradise" and it really was paradise. We pretty much spent most of our vacation in the pool or on the porch. We laughed, talked, played, swam and ate some amazing food!
The view from the back deck.
 Jax trying out the goggles.

 Taylor and Randee.
Taylor spent almost the entire first day in the pool and got so sunburned spent most of the rest of the vacation under the umbrella. We eventually moved the umbrella so he could get in the pool and still be under the shade.
Travis came too!
Julie and Travis.
We laughed about this over and over, Trav couldn't come because he had to work (he is in the Army and will be leaving in October for Afghanistan), so Katie had a life size poster made up of him so it still felt like he was there. We had some good laughs about getting pictures with Travis.
 Colt and Cam spent most of the vacation in the pool. They loved playing and swimming around.
 Jax got some pool time too.
 Colt and Taylor playing rough.
 When Jax wasn't in the water he usually was sitting in the shade with a ball......
 ....or eating in the shade.
 Relaxing in the shade.
 Colt has all the gear he needs to hop in the pool.
 We took Colt's water wings off him periodically and by the end of the trip he would try and swim underwater to us.
 I think next summer he may be swimming on his own!

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mires said...

YIPPEE! Pics of your trip. So looks like you guys had fun and I loved the ones of Jax and Colt. What lucky little guys.