Sunday, July 25, 2010

Other random pictures from Chelan

The boys took an afternoon and went and golfed at Bear Mountain. The course was beautiful and I know they enjoyed the time away from the women and kids.
Taylor and Andy.
Bear Mountain Golf Course
 We all walked into town one day for the farmer's market.
 2 double joggers, 4 kids and lots of adults. 
Vacationing with Dave's family really feels like a vacation with all the help we get!
 We stopped and fed the ducks.
 Father and son.
 Taylor made Colt a peanut butter sandwich and he got to enjoy it in the pool. He was loving it!
The first week went by so fast and I know all of us had a great time. Dave put together a meal list and him and Kenzie did all the shopping and cooking with help from all of us. We had an amazing breakfast and dinner every day and probably ate way too much! Colt and Camryn had a lot of fun playing together and entertained each other quite nicely.

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