Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jax's First Haircut

Jax got up from his nap today and his hair was all over the place and refused to lay down. Dave took one look at him and said "Jax, you need a haircut"
Jax sat on our kitchen counter and I played ball with him and Dave cut his hair. He gave him a little boy haircut and Jax was so good about it.
Standing really still so Daddy can comb his hair.
What a handsome little boy. He still looks like a baby but he is growing up!!

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The Price Family said...

What a sweet boy that Jaxer! I have taken the clippers and shaved Ky's hair twice, we love a good buzz cut around here! He does look older though, can't wait to get him and Ky together next week. I love the sound of that, next week! Woo hoo!