Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Ramblings

We enjoyed spending our first full weekend at home in I can't even remember how long. After Colt's birthday on Friday we spent most of Saturday and Sunday staying home and relaxing. Dave and I got in a run, swim and a bike ride in preparation for our sprint triathlon coming up in 3 weeks, I got some much needed cleaning done here at home and at Dave's office, and Dave did some archery on Sunday and enjoyed some time with his friends. It finally feels like summer here and the weather has been in the 80's for the past week.
After church I brought the boys home and after a quick lunch thought it might be fun to play in the pool before naps. The pool has been sitting out for the last 3 days so it felt like bath water and Jax was happy to crawl around and splash.
Colt spent most the time trying to get the bugs out of the pool.
He did snap a picture of Jax and I though.
Love this cute little body.....
....and that little smile...
 ....and his sweet little laugh.
This boy has quite the personality. 
I am not sure if all 3 year olds act like this but I sure hope so because he is the funniest boy in the world.
Colt got a bunch of G.I. Joe action figures for his birthday from Poppi and Memah. They come with all these little guns, axes, swords, etc. Colt and I spent a lot of our afternoon playing with them, mostly him telling me what to do with each one.  He is constantly asking for the little accessories that come with each one like an ax or his gun or his microphone and they are just these little tiny things but he carries them around all day long playing with them. The other night he wanted to sleep with the ax and the microphone (that's what he calls it, its actually a megaphone that is supposed to go with the policeman), I told him that he would lose them in his sleep and he was insistent that he would not so I just gave up and let him keep them. The next day I am doing laundry and when I open the dryer I find the ax and the megaphone laying in the dryer with all the clothes. I am trying to figure out how they got in the dryer as it was mainly just Dave and I's clothes and then I spot Colt's Toy Story pajamas and it all comes together in my head. His pajamas have a little pocket on the shirt and I am sure Colt put those little things in his pocket before he fell asleep that night. Smart kid! Only now that means I am going to have to start checking the pockets on two people in my house before I do laundry. Colt starts swimming lessons tomorrow and has them everyday for the next two weeks for 30 minutes each day. He is excited and I am thinking he will do well since he has no fear of the water and already loves to jump in the pool by himself and go under the water. Looking forward to another week with my boys!


Mrs. Hutch said...

Looks like your summer is going great so far!! You have the cutest boys:)

The Keatts Family said...

Love hearing how your summer is going!

Rach said...

Oh I was hoping for a new post when you commented on mine. Guess I will have to wait :) Your boys are getting so big I cant believe it.

You have to take the boys camping it is so much fun!

mires said...

Thanks to you Care I can now comment all over your blog!!!