Friday, June 4, 2010

Random Friday Ramblings

  • It's Friday! For me that means I only have 4 more days of work until summer. There are alot of things I love about my job but for now the part I love the most is summer vacation. It means 2 months of spending every day all day with my boys.
  • We ended up spending a couple hours in the ER Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Jax woke up about 10:15 wheezing and having a really hard time breathing. He got another cold when we got back from Olympia last weekend and he tends to get worse at night (as is the case with croup). We did what we always do when the boys have croup, sit in the bathroom with a hot shower running and let the steam try and settle down his breathing and then go and sit outside in the cold. We tried this for 30 minutes and he seemed to be getting worse so I headed to the ER and Dave stayed home since Colt was still sleeping. The scariest part for me was that I had to go by myself, I always lean on Dave to know what to do in scary situations but he had to stay home so it was just me and Jax. It ended up being fine, we got right in and they got him a breathing treatment and a steroid and by 1:30am he was sounding much better. Dave was waiting up at home for us and calling every 15 minutes to check in on how things were going. I think we all slept about 3 hours that night.
  • I am loving Starbucks iced coffee with 2 splenda and milk right now. It seems the older I get (or maybe the less sleep I get) the more I enjoy stronger coffee. On another plus side it has very few calories since its mainly made up of water!
  • Dave's little sister Randee graduates from high school tomorrow. She is the baby of the family and the last one to graduate. We are planning on spending the day in Kennewick tomorrow to celebrate and attend her graduation.
  • I am very excited to only be working part time next school year. I will be teaching 2 classes at the high school and will be home by about 9:45 everyday. Dave is going to stay with the kids until I get home and then go into work and work later. I will also be teaching an online class to help supplement our income a little more. This is truly a dream come true for me, I have struggled so much the last 3 years with having to work full time with little ones at daycare all day. I am so thankful for my hard working husband that is making this possible!
  • Looking forward to the next couple months, we have some fun vacations planned and I am looking forward to a slower paced life.
  • Colt's birthday is coming up next. Dave and I decided that instead of a party this year we are going to take him and Jax camping for a night or two. Colt loves anything that has to do with the outdoors but especially loves fishing so we will include that in the trip.
Fun times ahead......

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Erin said...

How scary with Jax! Seems like you handled it well!!

Secondly, so excited for you working part time next year. What a perfect situation for you guys. Its like the best of both worlds. Wonderful! :)

Happy Summer Vacation!